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State of the Shirt, March 2012

Day of the Shirt continues to delight me. I added a fun but subtle feature back in January: updating @dayoftheshirt’s Twitter avatar to today’s date. Day of the Shirt makes of point of being “refreshed every day” so since it’s tweeting out daily list of shirts, it makes sense to have a fresh daily avatar […]

Protest shirts

Regular readers of this blog are aware that posts rarely reference the present, let along the contemporary. But on Day of the Shirt, I felt compunction: a daily t-shirt aggregator is nothing but contemporary—it’s a 1-page website. So I took down Day of the Shirt today to protest SOPA/PIPA legislation. And, as any organizer can […]

Like Wikipedia, but before

This is how the emerging internet is described in The Axemaker’s Gift, published in  1995. Interesting sections to me highlighted by me: The new systems can present data to the user in the form of a “web” on which all the information contained in a database is interlinked. For example, a simple chain of web […]

Harnessing inequality

The following quote from Here Comes Everybody is interesting in that it exposes dewy-eyed optimism surrounding equal participation (rather than equal access or equal ability) as untenable: …imbalance drives large social systems rather than damaging them. Fewer that two percent of Wikipedia users ever contribute, yet that is enough to create profound value for millions […]

Search is not Serendipitous

Erin McKean makes the point in a TED talk that, unlike paper dictionaries, online dictionary searches do not provide serendipity: finding something you didn’t know you were looking for. I take this many ways: True, but… How many people regularly flip a dictionary? How exact is search? How many people just type the word into […]

Makes You Crazy

I feel like this xkcd comic describes a lot of internet interactions I know. This is my take on it. Also, a shout-out to my mom, who now subscribes to my blog via Google Reader.

Caring on the Internet

I really liked this series of comments on a BoingBoing post #3 posted by pAULbOWEN , August 17, 2008 12:48 PM I should care because? #4 posted by zarl , August 17, 2008 12:53 PM Nobody cares that you don’t care.

Lumifi Search Widget

I’ve found the Lumifi Search / Research Platform useful at times, but it sometimes seems like a sledgehammer. They have a widget for just search that’s pretty useful. If I’m looking for specific things with a lot of noise (like “nonprofit culture”), it tends to give some interesting results. Get the lumifi widget and many […]

A response for Net Neutrality

This morning a coworker placed an article from the July 2006 edition of Communications Engineering and Design Magazine entitled “Net neutrality legislation–my take on it” by Jeffrey Krauss, President of Telecommunications and Technology Policy. Net Neutrality is an important issue; pending legislation and changing business practices have the potential to dramatically change how we use […]