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Put Your Civics Where Your Houseplant Is

The core assumption of engagement applications is that people will do an activity consistently and repeatedly if you just structure the experience and incentivize it correctly — even if it’s asinine.  The justification for civic engagement apps can be similarly foolish: people will perform a potentially beneficial activity that they aren’t currently doing if we give them the ability to […]

Ethics made easy

Despite it being a class on Critical Thinking I’m a little grossed out by “ethical, empathic and just” behavior being described as a deductive exercise.  But then again, I did agree with Justice Sotomayor’s “wise-Latina” remark. The above is  Dr. Richard Paul and Dr. Linda Elder’s Miniature Guide to Understanding the Foundations of Ethical Reasoning.

Strengthening Organizations through Community Engagement

The following is from a handout I created for the CTCnet Conference in which I presented on capacity building models for community engagement. You can download the handout with worksheet (PDF), or read the overview below. Introduction to Community Engagement The core competency for any organization—private or nonprofit, funder or grantee—is learning to manage change […]