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Slow Down

I have been slowly making my way through Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point (one book among many). The cognitive bias being discussed at the moment is Fundamental Attribution Error (or Actor-Observer Bias, Correspondence Bias or Attribution Effect), in which humans tend to ascribe actions to some innate properties of the actor, rather than the context […]

Charting work success

This venn diagram on How to be Happy in Business from Bud Caddell is making the rounds, and remember-worthy enough for me to post it here: Pair that with the other useful chart I like, Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix (or Urgent/Important Matrix)—this one from AwakeBlogger :

Pratfalls to writing authentically

I go back and forth with my mom—a library media teacher—about information literacy: for me, the future of communications is not about authority, but authenticity. Below is a list of self-deceptions writers put into their writing from Writing to Be Read by Ken Macrorie (also author of Telling Writing) : No writer knows how often […]

3 Fortunes

Three fortunes I received following pho: Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Commitment is the hinge upon which the door to success hangs. Everything serves to further.

How to make do with what you got

I like taking on the role of facilitator to help people realize their potential, whatever it might be. In a strategic planning class I audited last year, I found myself spending more time (and enjoying myself more) turning other people’s vague concepts into plans, than I did my own. Many of the AmeriCorps*VISTA members I […]

Lessons for Nonprofitteers from Majora Carter

This is more notes from last weekend’s Craigslist Foundation’s Nonprofit Bootcamp. Majora Carter, founder of Sustainable South Bronx, gave the afternoon keynote (I think the afternoon speech of a conference should be called a plenary). She spoke from experience in designing socially and ecologically sustainable projects. I think she covered some good points in her […]

Nonprofit Board Management, Governance and Advice

Last weekend I was in NYC for the Craigslist Foundation’s Nonprofit Bootcamp. As a one-day conference, I’ve really enjoyed it as having a wide variety of informative sessions. This is my second time going and for 2 out of 3 of the sessions, I attended the Board Governance track. The following are my combined notes […]

Hold the salt

When pan-frying or oven-frying potatoes, put on salt at the end. Salt will draw out moisture during cooking and keep the potatoes from crisping. - from Eric Martin while he was cooking delicious breakfast-potatoes.

Alternatives to a Nonprofit Job

I was really happy with the feedback I received from my last article”Should I get a nonprofit job?” The responses I got, some of which you can read in the comments, helped me focus the message I was trying to convey: A nonprofit job is not the only way to make a living and make […]

Google Relevance

On Slashdot today was an entry about Google Search if it was designed for Google. Basically redesigning the page for a higher pagerank. Fun, but the interesting thing was a comment from the comments: Should read: What if Google was a useless site… …and had to design for Google? Lets see… counter examples… how about […]

Two stories on a theme

I recently had an idea for a story and upon going through my other drafts, realized I already addressed it, though differently. So here they both are. Also, the second story is not a criticism of the Buddha—though if you asked me, “Surgeon General” is a more apt description than “Great Physician”—or Jesus for that […]

"Should I get a nonprofit job?"

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances considering a job in the nonprofit sector. I’ve been employed within small (under $2 million budgets), community nonprofit organizations for three years now, beginning straight out of college, but have also talked to many people with many different experiences and histories in the sector and outside of […]

Planning Strategic Planning

At work I have been furiously engaged in strategic planning in advance of some major grant-writing. This process is a continuation from some vine-withered efforts my coworker and I had made last fall, but due to some changing circumstances—a better understanding of the existing processes at play and increased authority to manage the outcomes—this most […]