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First Monday Night Write

Monday was Saul and my’s first Monday Night Write (MNW); a time to get together, eat, talk, laugh, wander around, talk some more and finally, eventually, work on our writing. We met at Saul’s house, where he first treated me to a delicious salad and some refreshing lemonade. Then we were off to the 1369 […]

Making smoothies

Another smoothie post… Boston is still scorching and nothing is better than some ground up fruit and ice. Sure, the storebought strawberries out here on the East coast are about as flavorful as a glass of water, but they add nice color. This is strawberry-peach-orange I believe. Watch the Video

Canoes on the Mystic River

Today was a beautiful, bright and sunny Sunday and my friends Dandy, Danielle, Saul and I headed down to the Mystic River for some canoeing. It was great fun; we only ran into overhanging branches, rocks, bridges, the banks and each other a couple times. The Mystic River not only has a movie named after […]